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Dell-inspiron 5570 i7-8550U issues

recently i bought a Dell-inspiron 5570 i7-8550U one and i have some doubts on it..


1. will charger indicator which is on the laptop power port blink while plug-in to power? (usually when i plug into power it doesn't emit or blink )

2. I couldn't find dell logo on the battery charger power-code-adapter. Commonly dell adapters has an embedded logo on the top of them, but my adapter looks like cheapest one. how can i confirm it original or not?

3. Does this processor has VT-x technology on my laptop? (i have checked with intel processor identification utility tool and there was a result "NO" for Virtualization Technology. but intel official site ( is referring "Yes" answer to this specification for this type of CPU)


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Re: Dell-inspiron 5570 i7-8550U issues

Hi FM.Fhd,

I recently bought a 5579 laptop and

for 1. I can confirm there's no charge led indicator

for 2. I don't know if I can help, but my charger has a Dell Logo on it (it's a 45W charger)

for 3. even if the page you linked states in the bottom "This feature may not be available on all computing systems", quickly checking from resource manager shows that VT is enabled


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