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Dell inspiron N5010 gets 7 beeps after bios update

I recently got the laptop from the repair shop due to a motherboard replacement last friday.
Someday ago I close the lid of my laptop and when I open the lid of my laptop, the monitor didn't turn on and don't hear the funs running even though I can see the 1st white light is on and won't wake up. So I restarted my computer on boot to Windows.
Then a day later I try to download and flash the bios update from Dell support, and left the laptop do it's job. Few minutes later, the problem goes back.So I reboot my laptop again. Then few seconds later, it started beeping 7 times over and over. I tried to put a comforter over the laptop and let it beep for 10-15 minutes then turn it of and immidietly turn it back on and do the same process.
My specs:
320gb get
6gb Ddr3 1333mhrz
Windows 10 pro

Pls help me
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Re: Dell inspiron N5010 gets 7 beeps after bios update

Seven beeps is either a bad CPU or a bad mainboard -- best to go back to whoever did the repair, since it's more likely the board than the CPU.


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