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Dell's Horrible Customer Serivce

So i bought a dell laptop (online Canada store) a few weeks ago, before i bought it i did some research. i was told that the dell laptop had the following specs:

amd ryzen 5 2500u with vega 8 mobile graphics

1x8gb ram stick. 2 slots total 1 populated

1tb hdd

1 nvme m.2 slot


i wanted to upgrade the system, add a nvme ssd for the boot drive, i was told i should contact dell tech support to assist me in the upgrade. when i contacted them and gave them my service tag, they told me i had no nvme m.2 slot.

I opened up my laptop, and found the nvme m.2 slot. here's a pic.


I also noticed that i did not have a single 8gb ram stick, but i had 2x 4gb sticks. This infuriated me, i wanted to upgrade to 16gb, but now it'll cost me double to upgrade to 16gb, and with ram prices where they are today this would run me $200 cad. When i tried to contact customer support to see if i can swap the sticks for a single 8gb stick, i got transferred 3 times and ended up in the sales department, at which point i hung up out of frustration. 

I ended up upgrading my laptop myself. I bought a wd black 256gb nvme ssd, cloned my drive and use the hdd as mass storage:

I had some trouble with the upgrade but worked out in the end. There is another problem with the laptop. The graphics driver seems to be unstable (i think) and i get blue screens with video scheduler errors.


all in all, Dell makes good laptops i've found. but the customer service is complete and utter garbage. I have 1 year in home support and warranty for the laptop but i doubt i'll even attempt to use it given the quality of customer service, or lack there of. If i could trade the warranty for $50 i would do it, it would probably be worth even less than that.





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