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Display issues using DELL laptop and 2 screens

We faced display issues with recent DELL laptops (for example Latitude 5480 or Latitude E7250) using 2 screens through a docking station.

The encountered symptoms (on Windows 7 or 10) are :

  • slowless when we move the windows
  • after a meeting, the laptop is reconnected on the docking station but the screens remain black, even if we disconnect / connect the docking station. We have to reboot the laptop to have the display back on the screens.

We tried the following tests, without success :

  • video drivers update and installation of other firmwares present on the DELL website
  • installation of the software "Dell Display Manager Application" : as the computer had performance issues since the software installation, it has been removed from the laptop
  • use of different ports : VGA, DVI and HDMI

Could you please help us with that topic ?


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