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Does my inspiron 7572 support full 4-lane PCIe NVMe?

I can find a M.2 slot which is unused in my Inspiron 15 7572, but I'm wondering whether it supports full bandwidth of NVMe. As computer accessories are mostly not returnable, it'd be a great help if someone provides information on whether the laptop supports PCIe NVMe SSDs or not and it's a humble request not to attach the product spec sheet as it has bizarre specs written, i.e somewhere it's written that it has NVMe support and somewhere it's written it's plain SATA3. So what's the thing? Please reply before the 30th as if this supports NVMe, we'll be having to place more orders for this, for work before 2019 begins Kind regards, Sayan
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Re: Does my inspiron 7572 support full 4-lane PCIe NVMe?

The following forum post may help. Read the last entry in the thread. It would appear that the problem is that although the NVME works fine, it is run in GT2 mode instead of GT4 mode. So the read speed is about half of the expected maximum speed.


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