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Doubtful about genuiness of retailer and product


I purchased a dell inspiron 7559 (core i7, 6th gen.), from the dell exclusive store in kankurgachi, Kolkata (West Bengal, India), on 26th June, 2018. At home, after booting the system I checked the warranty information. The page showed that the product was shipped in 2016, and the warranty was shown to be expired sometime in 2017.

I contacted dell customer support, and was told that it happened as the warranty details were not updated by the retailer/seller. The service personnel I spoke to offered to escalate the process for me, and it was done within a few hours. Upon entering the service tag, now the support page shows the updated warranty.

However my questions are-

1) Is the delay in updating the warranty information normal? I can't be the only one to face this issue.

2) The store I purchased from, (address - P- 47, CIT Road, BRS 10, Kankurgachi, Kolkata, West Bengal 700054), is mentioned as an authorized dell exclusive store in the dell India website. However I would appreciate it 3) if the proper authorities involved can confirm that it is indeed a legitimate dell authorized store, without any complaints.

3) Since the service tag for each laptop is unique, and the version of windows installed is genuine (I checked!), I guess it is safe for me to be sure, that the product I purchased is brand new and not a second hand or refurbished piece.

4) I suppose microsoft doesn't stick labels with the product key on the body of the current models of computers anymore. Rather, the product key is coded in the BIOS?

Your help is much appreciated,



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Re: Doubtful about genuiness of retailer and product

This is definitely a system that's been sitting on a shelf a while - it's a sixth-generation system, while current ones are eighth.  It's at least a couple of years old.

You'll need to check for complaints on your vendor yourself, but if it's listed on a Dell site, it's authorized.

IF the system shipped from Dell with Windows (and not all do - some come without OS), there is a license key coded into the mainboard.  You can verify using the service tag at the Dell support site what OS shipped with the system.

Hopefully you negotiated a good discount on the system, as it's far from current.  The one component you're likely to see not last as long as it might otherwise is the battery, since that's now about two years old --even before you started using the system.


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