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Dual boot Inspiron 15-7559?

My Inspiron 15-7559 has two drives: a 500 GB SSD and a 1 TB hard drive.  What I'd like to do is to make the two drives identical (clones) and both boot-able.  That way if one disk drive has an issue, I can reboot to the other drive and continue using the computer.  I was able to set this up under Windows 7 and Macrium Reflect on a different computer but no luck on the Dell running Windows 10.

Is this possible with the Dell 7559?  If so, how do I set this up?  If not, is this a Windows 10 limitation?

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Re: Dual boot Inspiron 15-7559?

You either need to set up Windows 10 so it has a boot manager entry for Windows 7, or you'll need to physically swap the drives to change the OS that loads.  There are also some third-party boot managers that can accomplish this, but by default, Windows 10 needs to be the boot manager, and 7 will load once that boot manager does.

see here:


There are boot mangers that can hide one OS from the other as well - - if you're willing to go with a third party utility, that's another option.


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