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Facing a problem in installing window 7 32 bit

Hi I have dell inspiron 15 7000 laptop when I install window 7 32 bit I face a problem ,when I select disc to install there are no highlight next option plz help me

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Re: Facing a problem in installing window 7 32 bit

Inspiron 15 7000 doesn’t identify a specific model; that’s an entire product line that covers several models introduced over several years. If you can’t see your hard drive though, your system’s SATA Operation BIOS setting is probably set to RAID and your Windows 7 installer doesn’t have the necessary driver for that. You can either supply the Intel RST driver manually or switch your SATA Operation to AHCI, which should allow Windows 7 to see your hard drive without a driver.

However, depending on your exact system model, Windows 7 may not work properly on it anyway because Microsoft doesn’t support CPUs newer than Intel Core 6th Gen, which means Windows 7 drivers for such systems typically aren’t available. Although even if your system would work, Microsoft will stop offering security updates for it in a year anyway, so it useful life is limited. And why are you using 32-bit rather than 64-bit?

If for some reason you still decide to move forward here, at least do yourself a favor and manually download the Windows 7 Convenience Update to reduce the amount of Windows Update churn you’ll see.

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