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Factory Reset Won't Complete. Endless Loop.

I've done a factory reset on my Inspiron 13, and during setup, after it asks for Region, Time Zone, etc. I press "Next" it says "There's a problem that's keeping us from getting your PC ready to use, but we think an update will help get things working again. Here's how to get the update:

We want to choose the "This PC uses a WiFi network, press Next to follow instructions to connect t a network."

I press Next, I see "Just a moment..." with the spinning wheel, then eventually it reboots back to the Region, Time Zone, setup page.

I Don't know how to interrupt the endless loop and try to start the laptop fresh.

My power button only shuts off the screen. It goes back to the Region, Time Zone, setup page when I press it again, or when I hold it, does the same thing.

I can't completely power it down by removing the power cord and remove the battery unless I unscrew the base plate and get at the battery some how.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Factory Reset Won't Complete. Endless Loop.

To completely power down press and hold down the power button until it goes off. It can take 30-45 seconds or so.  No need to remove the battery.

Try running the hardware diagnostics to see what might have failed. Reboot and immediately tap F12 to get to boot menu. 


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