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Factory Restore on Inspiron 6400

Hi Dell & Others

Some years back i remember reading a message in the 6400's forum that Dell was gonna find out if the original software used to was gonna be made available to users for reinstalling the ghost image restore. Don't know what happened. Anyone? Would certainly solve a lot of problems. 



Disclaimer: I am not associated with Dell Computer Corp. in any way, except as an end user. The information presented here does not represent official information from Dell or Dell representatives. This is just some conclusions from personal exploration of the restore partition shipped on several recent Dell desktop and laptop computers. This information is provided as-is, so interested others may look over my shoulder at what I've found with these particular machines. Though it may apply generally to many new Dell computers, the reader should take that into consideration.

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Mary G
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Re: Factory Restore on Inspiron 6400

That model is too old to restore factory settings. It would be better to buy a new computer.  

Windows XP is no longer supported.

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