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Fail psa 4304 error 2000:0132 - Battery end usable life


I own an Inspiron 15 7566 that is around 2 years old or less. I started noticing that the battery percentage doesn't match the number of minutes. Ex- it was at 52%, but remaining minutes is at 2, then the laptop shuts off.

I've ran the diagnostics tests with the dell support assist and have updated all my drivers and systems. 
I would like to figure out why my laptop battery is already reaching its usable life. Are dell batteries really that easily changed?

dell error.jpglog errors from BIOS diagnosisdell error 011.jpg

Thank you!

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Re: Fail psa 4304 error 2000:0132 - Battery end usable life

It's not just Dell batteries. The following article addresses that question. But to be brief, the average laptop battery will fail in 1-2 years. I have seen sites that claim 2-4 years but it also depends on how many times the battery was recharged.



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Re: Fail psa 4304 error 2000:0132 - Battery end usable life

Chili Peppers,

Does it work fine with battery removed and just the AC adapter plugged in? Click the link below for troubleshooting and resolving battery.

Laptop Battery FAQ




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