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Fan Trouble Inspiration 5000

I purchased a new Dell Inspiration 15 5000 about 3 months ago. Last week i started to hear a loud fan noise coming from the laptop. I emailed Dell and they asked me to what messures i had taken to check what the problem was caused by, i said i hadn't taken any action (i'm not a tech kind of guy.) They asked me to run a diagnostics test and do a BIOS download. But before i did those they sent me an email stating that "From what you have done and from the information you have provided, it appears that the issue is caused by multiple faulty parts inside your system. Since your system has an active Collect and Return Repair Service contract, we will need to send in the system to one of our Repair Centers for repair. The system will be brought to our repair facility where our technicians will test the system in detail and replace any defective hardware needed to fix the problem. The system will be collected and will be delivered back after 10 BUSINESS days. All costs for pickup/delivery and repair are covered by Dell Service (warranty). Would you like me to go ahead and book for the collection? I did what they asked me to do (Run Diagnostic and download BIOS) and the all the results came back ok, but the fan issue is still a problem. its still running and very loud. So obviously from the Dell email they already knew that the laptop had multiple faulty parts inside. I was wondering i'm I entitled to a New laptop? Do i have to accept their offer to replace the faulty parts? Regards, A.
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