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Fan seems to be shutting down laptop at startup Inspiron 7520 Window 7 Home Premium


So two days ago I turned on my laptop and and the repair/restore page came up and after a few seconds the pc switched off.

This happened again the next couple of times. Then one time I got a little way into the restore process when the pc died again.

Finally I manged to get the pc through the whole restore process and the laptop seemed fine. 

Unfortunately this happens every time I turn off the pc and restart. 

There seems to be a connection to the fan. It starts immediately that I switch the pc on and seems to be shorting the startup process.

The pc only comes on when the fan doesn't start up which seems to happen after the 6th or 7th time of trying. If the fan comes on again at any point during start up the pc will die again. But if I get through to my home screen then everything's fine.

The one argument against the fan issue is that once the computer is fully on and functioning well the fan can work again without shutting the pc down.

Any advice much appreciated.


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