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[Fix/Solution] Inspiron 15 7000 series - Audio/Sound issue

I've been having this crackling/static noise for some time now on my Inspiron 15 7577 laptop. The static / crackling / popping / cracking / flickering sound was coming out of my speakers and my headphones (when I plug them into the headphone jack). Strangely enough, it doesn't happen when I use a USB-wired headset. It must be due to my headset's driver.

(I'm purposely leaving that as "static / crackling / popping / cracking / flickering" so I can catch as many hits as possible when this issue is searched on the forums or on Google)

So anyway, I found a solution: Lower the sample rate and bit depth quality.

Right-click the Sound Icon on the bottom right corner.

Click on "Sounds".

Under "Playback", right click "Speakers/Headphones" and go to Properties.

Click on "Advanced" and set your bit quality to "16bit 48000". 


I originally found mine at the max level of quality... I think I did that myself at some point. Or maybe Dell sets that as the default when it gets an update or something. I think the laptop's driver isn't powerful enough to handle the higher sample rates and bit depths. Experiment to see which level works for your laptop.

Let me know if this works!