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Format hard drive and disable touchscreen


I bought an Inspiron 5559 in 2016. I really took care of it but lived in a big city where any commute required a one or two hour trip, so I often took advantage of those trips to get work done on my laptop. I think it got bumped around a bit.

The computer is now too slow to work with, and I had to buy another one. I'd like to format the hard drive in my Inspiron 5559, as it might still suit someone else and will probably work better once it's back to factory settings.

But I've also had to deal with the infamous "ghost writer" issue that many people have reported with their touchscreens. Very soon after purchasing the computer, the touchscreen started going haywire, making it almost impossible to do anything. I somehow managed to disable it (not only by disabling the driver, which is re-enabled whenever you run a Windows update, but also by changing the computer registry). The "ghost" still shows up from time to time, but all I have to do is close the laptop lid and open it again, and everything is fine.

Here's my caveat: when I format the hard drive and reset the computer to factory settings, the touch screen will start acting up again. I don't know how to open up a laptop and tinker with the hardware. Is there anything I can do software-wise to permanently and IRREVERSIBLY disable the touchscreen (and when I say irreversible, I mean even after I completely format the computer)?

Thank you!

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