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G15 5520 Backlight Effects and Colors

I am the proud new owner of a Dell G15 5520, but ican't help but wonder.. 

why won't the fn+f5 (backlight) and fn+f(9) do anything .. all the other f1-12 keys are working fine except theese two.


and also how do i change the color of my backlit keyboard ? .. it changes color on boot  but once windows opens it is stuck on turquoise, i tried the alienware command center app but it does not support this particular device.

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You'd need to check and see whether a keyboard with a different backlight color was offered on your model system -- but note: the keyboard on this model is fused to the palmrest, so the entire palmrest assembly needs to be replaced.

Even if you can find an assembly with a different color backlight, carefully examine the service manual - the way this system is engineered, literally everything inside (system board and all other components) must be removed to change the keyboard.


so just to make sure i understand you.. the f5 and f9 function keys are not defected .. this is just how this particular model is manifactured .. and i have to replace to get a different backlight color.. did i get that right ?


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