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G3 3579 charging issues

I bought a G3 3579 that has stopped charging the battery. It was shipped 9th Dec so is about 1.5 months old.

  • I have tried two different Dell AC supplies and this occurs with both (ie the issue isn't the charger)
  • If I physically disconnect the battery the computer runs fine (ie physical connection to at least the regulation circitry is OK)
  • I updated BIOS to 1.7.0, 21/12/2018 and it seems to have made no difference.  As a side issue, now that the battery is down at about 15% after trying to look into the issue, I wouldn't be able to do any further BIOS updates easily so even if there is a BIOS firmware fix I wouldn't be able to install it.

The problem first occurred a couple weeks ago but went away after trying a second AC supply so I had assumed it was a bad connection but re-appeared today and I haven't been able to fix it.

I am asking here as I bought it in Australia but there is only a phone contact number which would cost a fortune to dial from overseas (especially if I end up on hold!) and I am in the US for at least a few months and can't find an email or chat option.

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Re: G3 3579 charging issues


Click the links below for resolving battery issues. There is a link for Dell chat. 


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