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G3 3579 error while updating "Intel AX200/AX201/9260/9560/9462 WiFi UWD Driver "

I just bought the laptop G3 3579, I got a message from SupportAssist that there are few drivers needs to be updated and I did so. After the completion I got an error message  "Intel AX200/AX201/9260/9560/9462 WiFi UWD Driver - A17 - 55.06 MB - Urgent - Install Error" also it was showing me a warning for hardware problem. I did contact dell support and I was amazed with their response, they were telling me that I do have higher version of update installed in my system and in dell supportassist there is lower version of update which is the reason I am getting such an error message. It was never heard of that a system showing an urgent update which do have a lower version of update. how that's even possible. A dell system is unable to identify a lower version of update and it shows the message with urgent need to update .. how that's possible. It would highly appreciated if someone from dell could explain even if this is possible and how can I fix it.

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