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Re: G5 15-5587, fans keep turning ON and OFF every 10 second

Thank you for your reply, Robert.

The fans are working, but not as frequently as before the BIOS update. In other words, the laptop get hot faster. I don't really care how noisy the fans can be, I just want an efficient cooling system in my laptop. Dell should leave its customers to control the fan curve. 



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Re: G5 15-5587, fans keep turning ON and OFF every 10 second

Everything was good back then bios 1.3.0 then Dell ruined everything with releasing 1.4 bios, now my device thermal throttles, cpu temps suddenly jumps to unacceptable levels (98-100°C), fans react so delayed my laptop becomes like an oven. As a gamer; I don't care how loud my fans are but it is vital to have cool internal system for better performance. As I paid that device for gaming it is my right to have decent cooling system not some crippled fans which just sits and don't react until 75°C. Now I am trying every possible way reaching out Dell to MAKE THEM FIX WHAT THEY BROKE and I need your help with that, If we can grow in numbers they can't ignore us any longer.

1- If we can give enough feedback to them, they will pass that information to their engineering team and they will fix the fan curve on the next bios release. Direct messaging to mods about that issue with our service tags may prove useful. ( we can DM to Chris about that issue but don't forget to add SERVICE TAG)

2- After given feedbacks we need to be heard also. I think the best way to achieve that is on twitter. I am tweeting about that issue daily with adding @DellCares @DELL @MichaelDell @Direct2Dell them to my tweets. I am also replying under some kinda PC mag PC world, tech's accounts, these tweets can be seen million times. ( You can also DM @DellCares with your service tags for feedback.

If we can give enough feedback and try hard enough them to hear our voice DELL WILL HAVE THAT ISSUE FIXED EVENTUALLY

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Re: G5 15-5587, fans keep turning ON and OFF every 10 second

I don't want to destroy your hopes, but I have been trying to make Dell to fix this issue about last 2 months. They simply don't care. They may have the worst, or most careless engineers at this platform. I won't buy any Dell product ever again. Good luck to you on this impossible mission. I hope you get your problem fixed.
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