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G5 15 5590 battery life

Dear friends, I hope you are all doing fine!

I have recently purchased a dell G5 5590 and I am enjoying it so far, but I have read on the Internet, that its battery life should be fantastic: some sources give about 6 hours of surfing and a tiny bit less for video playback. 

I don't always just surf the net, but may occasionally play online chess and google something, while talking on skype and sharing my screen from time to time. In this manner my laptop only lasts about 3 to 3.5 hours. If I work and I use Matlab for that, it could be a bit less than that, but about 3 hours nevertheless. 

My question now is if it is actually OK? I have never tried just surfing because I have work to do, however I am quite concerned as it could be that I should just replace the battery or something. But the laptop is under a month old!

I am using Dell Power Manager battery use set to adaptive, Windows 10 battery setting set in the middle between Best Performance and Best Battery Life. My screen is about halfway bright, Bluetooth is turned off. 

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Thanks for your post

Thank you! We have received the required details. We will work towards a resolution via private messages to ensure the security of your information. In the meanwhile, you may receive assistance or suggestions from the community members as well.

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My Dell G5 Battery Life also poor

My laptop is just a week over 1 year and the battery is charging to 60% of design capacity.  I am not playing any games, I bought this for using the office suite and weekend photo editing. I don't leave it plugged in as I was told this really limits the battery life. This is concerning as the battery isn't cheap either. 




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G5 15 5590 battery life and LED Light problem

Hello. I use a Dell G5 5590 laptop for a year and there is a problem with the battery being never going over 55%. I believe it might have something to do with my LED light keyboard. Need help on this asap as my computer is very slow at the moment. Thank you

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