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G5 5587 Insane performance drop

I bought the G5 5587 with 16 GB Ram, i7 8750-H processor with 1060 Max-Q few months ago. Back then it was running Witcher 3 on 40-50 fps on Ultra easily but now it barely runs on 30 fps and suddenly drops to 10 fps for a few seconds, then climbs back up. After looking up I think this is caused by thermal throttling? So what should I do to play games on this gaming computer?. It can't even run PUBG on lowest settings with 30 fps and always suddenly drops to 10.

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Re: G5 5587 Insane performance drop

Are you running on battery or is it plugged in to AC power? When battery gets low it might be throttling. If not on battery, it may be thermal - do you hear the fans spinning up as you play? I haven't tried any newer games (only ran Tomb Raider 2013 so far) and didn't see any issues. glen G5 5587 16GB
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