G5 5587, add secondary HDD, are req. cable & caddy present?


I am wondering wether this configuration of the G5 5587 (order code dncwg5f701h) that is only equipped with an SSD also comes with the cable (T0GN3) and the caddy (WDX0C) required to add an additional SATA 2.5'' drive. All the posts that I have found (like this one) state the fact that the laptop doesn't come with the cable, but nowhere have I found a mention of the caddy and wether it is or isn't present in the empty HDD slot. Is the caddy included even if the laptop doesn't come equipped with a secondary HDD?

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Re: G5 5587, add secondary HDD,

Thank you for your message. If the system is configured with a SATA drive you will need to purchase a cable & caddy separately. This is not part of the system order.



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