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Getting the proper M.2 bracket for my G3 15 (3579)


I bought a G3 with a 128 GB NVME SSD. The card itself is a 2230 form factor and the cooling and retaining bracket is made for it.

I'm contemplating the idea of buying  a bigger sized  NVME. Most of them come in 2280 form factor. 

I know the G3 can hold such form factor, but I need the retaining bracket for it. And I searched the Dell site for information about it and found nothing.

So do any of you know the exact P/N I need and where to buy it ?

Many thanks in advance for your help !

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Looking at what U2 posted you don't really need anything but a Screw 2x3mm, I am running Samsung M.2 NVME SSD in 2 different Notebooks without any heat sinks and without issues even on large file groups being transferred The screw on the end of the M.2 SSD actually holds the SSD in place the cover is simply a heat sink aftermarket heat sink would work if you think you really need one. Also the one on eBay I linked for you looks like it would work for you also

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You are lucky your SSD does not heat up ! Mine does. As did the WDC 2230 Dell provided.

It is a shame Dell can't sell a part to one of it's customer.

It is a shame Dell Rep. can't find what parts make what computer sold by Dell (and current, I'm not speaking about obsolete machines)

It is a shame Dell people on the phone can't/won't tell you these facts, forcing you to call many times...


I agree with you. I used a lot of IBM Thinkpads during my working years. I bought some Lenovo laptops for my home use.

On every Lenovo or old IBM laptop service manual there is a exploded view and a bill of material giving app part numbers. And they provide sites to buy such parts. Even to individuals...

Hurray for Dell .....




Were Dell answer you about the M.2 bracket?


Thanks you in advance.

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