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Graphics card Radeon 530

My laptop Inspiron 5570 configuration is i5-8250U CPU, RAM - 4GB
Windows 10 Pro version 1709, OS build 16299.214

Device manager shows both Display adapters 

Onboard UHD Graphics 620, and AMD M530

When auto updated drivers from internet for Radeon, It changed

to AMD Radeon R7 M460.

My Question is:
1. Do I need to enable both display adapters for optimal performance or I should disable onboard graphics.
2. AutoCAD 2018 LT uses only Intel 620. - How do I change it to AMD Radeon?

Thank you

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Re: Graphics card Radeon 530

You cannot disable the Intel GPU - if you do, you'll get no display.  The AMD GPU is simply a co-processor - ALL video data funnels through the Intel GPU on its way to the screen.

For "2", check with AutoCAD.  Their applications tend to require true discrete AMD or nVidia GPUs -- which your system doesn't have.  If that, as is likely, is the case -- you'll need a higher-end system to run those applications (or you'll have to live with the performance on the Intel GPU).


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