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HID sensor collection showed yellow triangle after rebooting it is gone

I have dell inspiron 13 5000 series . I had yellow triangle in HID SENSOR COLLECTION V2 . I gave it to service guy to reboot my system. I don't know what he did. My windows 10, office 2016 and sound are back.

But auto rotation is not working. I checked Device Manager. The SENSORS option were gone. 

I tried to download the sensor  files in your " Drivers & Downloads".

It asked about my service tag which is expired. What should I do to download the sensor files?  Solution please? 

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I got sensors back.

I found a solution and sensors are back. 

Okay. Here are the steps:

1) Go to " Drivers & Downloads".

2 ) There, you will see" Enter a Dell Service Tag, Dell EMC Product ID, or Model." of your repaired laptop. Give the tag code or product ID or model name of your laptop. 

Note : you won't get exact drivers of your laptop. Be careful. 

3) You will see this page:


 Switch on button of  "Show drivers for Service Tag: ******"

The drivers will be shown to download. 

Note : Research if it is same driver that you want in your laptop before you download. Read the details. So, you won't get into another problem. 

4)  For auto-rotation problem, click this driver link. It is known as "Intel Integrated Sensor Solution Driver".

5) Read the steps carefully. Download and install in your laptop. 

You will get sensors back and auto rotation will be solved. Don't use any other websites for auto rotation or sensors problems. They will be fake. 

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