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Hard Drive Error: 2000-0142

Last week my Dell Inspiron 15 (5000 series) had a hard crash and stopped recognizing the hard drive. It wouldn't boot saying "hard drive not found". Somehow I managed to get to a repair screen and reinstall windows 10 while saving my files but losing all the software/apps. 1 week later, it crashed again and is giving me the same error. However, I have no idea how to get to the screen to re-install windows.

Is this a windows error or a hard drive error? Do I need to just replace the hard drive or is there a better fix for this that I don't know about? I've had the laptop for 1 year and of course the warranty expired just 3 months ago (June 28). FML.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

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Your hard drive has failed. That is why you cannot install anything. See this-


This happened just last week and I reinstalled windows and it worked fine for a week. Is it common for hard drives to only sometimes fail like this? I don't understand how it works fine then crashes, fixed it, then crashes again later.


I changed nothing on my computer and turned it on today and it worked fine. What the heck!?

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