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Headphones only work after confirmation since update

Hey there! I have a Inspiron 5559, running Windows10 . After a recent update (probably Windows... maybe a Dell one not sure) I have had trouble with the headphone jack being recognized by the laptop. After inserting the headphone jack I get two popups one from RealTek letting me know I've plugged in an audio device, and another asking me to confirm what type of device I've plugged in. The device (headphones) only work once I click "OK" in that dialog box. Before this issue no dialog boxes were generated and the headphones worked automatically. I have tried looking for solutions online but nothing seems to help. I am not sure what is generating the second dialog box. I am sure it has something to do with drivers. I've tried updating the RealTek drivers and my system says I have the most recent version installed. This is driving me crazy and my Dad is threatening to "fix" this issue and his efforts in the past have not been helpful... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!






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