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Help Fix Dell G7

I purchased a Dell G7 last August, i7 processor 6GB 1060, 16GB RAM, and ever since I've had it it has consistently underperformed. My friend bought an identical G7 at the same time and to this day his has never had issues. But mine pretty much out of the box has had issues. Most modern games consistently experience terrible frame drops and low MHz from the GPU. Because of this, I honestly believe that my G7 may have a hardware defect or defects. I was at first thinking ok maybe it's software or driver related and hopefully updates in the future will fix the issue. Many updates and months later, the issue is not resolved. Games still underperform while my friends laptop runs games at 90+ FPS on high and mine runs them at 30 - 40 FPS or even lower. So I finally call dell for assistance and they insist that since the Support Assist software on the computer didn't detect any hardware issues on my laptop that it must be software related. And since I only have the basic one year hardware warranty, I'd have to pay them to fix the problem. After much complaining, they wouldn't budge so I agreed to pay for help. And then after 4+ hours of being on the phone with them / having them being remoted into my G7, the problem still isn't fixed. They uninstalled / reinstalled the graphics drivers multiple times to no effect. They installed sketchy programs from websites full of ads to install the drivers. We tested Battlefield V and used MSI After Burner to view the massive FPS and MHz drops. So after many hours, they couldn't fix not remedy my issue. The technician told me that the engineering team would look at the recording of our session and try to come up with a solution. I was also told I'd be contacted within 48 hours and theyd try another solution. Over 5 days pass. And they contact me. I'm paired up with a new technician, who has no prior knowledge of what they tried previously, and he begins attempting the same fixes the previous one tried, such as reinstalling drivers. He asks me what my issue is, even though I've told the previous technician them. The current technician should have this information. I tell him I'm dropping frames during gameplay. He replies, "you're dropping pixels?" 😑 This guy obviously doesn't have much knowledge regarding video games. So I'm not sure what to do. I think it's a hardware issue. So perhaps I should send it in to have a part or parts replaced. Or I think perhaps I should get a new system altogether. Dell tech support obviously doesn't know what they're doing. Any help would be appreciated. Dell, if you're reading this, please help a loyal customer who simply wants their gaming computer to perform as it should. Thank you.

And Yes, I tried reinstalling windows. Yes I tried reinstalling drivers. Yes everything is up to date. Yes I tried messing with the Nvidia settings. I've. Tried. Everything.

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Im in the exact same boat, support has done nothing to help and no one seems to have a solution. Desperatley looking for a fix to this myself to no avail.

I feel stupid but make sure when playing games you play with it plugged in.

Go into the alienware management console and make sure that your performance settings are the same as your friends.

Whats the Fan sound like when you play the game. I would imagine if you want it to run a 90 fps it's going to be going flat out.

You can also try going into nvidia experience and setting the profile for the game to run at max settings.

Do you and your friend have the same software installed? some applications like twitch/discord enable an overlay which can drastically dip your FPS.

Try ensuring that vsync is set in your game as well.

Turn off anti virus scan.  Or exclude from scan.  It’ll change your world

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I have the exact same problem, any solution?

Yeah I solved my problem! I built a new gaming PC and I'm never going to purchase a gaming laptop again, especially from Dell.

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Try turning of the anti virus scan (mcafee it’s real-time scan) or excluded wow.exe from being scanned. Went from 15fps with it on to 302fps when turned off/excluded from scan.  

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Anybody? Same problem here....not using any anti vírus.

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