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Help, My Dell Laptop refused to charge!

Good evening I'm Kelz from Nigeria.. So I got a Dell inspiron 15 3000 notebook barely 3 months and it seems like it been disturbing firstly it grinds and make one very loud sound freezing operating and I will have to shut down lately it stopped charging without any sign of charging so I check online for solutions here where I saw to do bios diagnosis it started charging but yest it repeated it's self I tried the same bio diagnosis it did not work when I got back form my classes I wanted to try it but this time it did not even come one and I had sufficient battery life before I left please what can I do?
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Re: Help, My Dell Laptop refused to charge!

Contact Dell for warranty repair - the grinding is likely a bad fan.  The failure to charge could be a bad AC adapter, DC jack, battery or mainboard (in descending order).  The warranty will cover the necessary repairs on a 3-month old system.


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