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How to change the color keyboard of Dell G3 15 3500 (2020)?


In my Alienware Command Center, there is a FX tab. I tried to change the color of keyboard it didn't work. The color always blue. On Youtube, there are several people have the same issue with me. Could someone help me confirm if it is possible to change the keyboard color on this type or not? 

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You will need to check your system configuration (use the service tag to look up the original configuration at the Dell support site).

These were sold with one of three options:

A non-backlit keyboard

A monochromatic backlit keyboard 

An RGB backlit keyboard.

From the sound of it, you have the second option -- monochromatic backlight. 

how do you find out which version of light up keyboard you have?

I think you'll find that with an RGB keyboard, you'll see the colors cycle briefly at powerup.  If what you see is a monochrome backlight at that point, you have that option.

You can also use the service tag to look up the system specs at  The original configuration list should include a keyboard descriptor and part number.


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hey i have a proplem i wanna change my keyboard light because its blue and i dont want it blue i triend going to alienware fx but when i click it it doesnt work so please someone help me

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