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How to flash bios with unidentified battery and AC Adapter

Hello everyone, 

I just registered here to post my findings with other people who might find it useful. No idea if this has been posted but i couldnt find anything like this for a week on internet. My brief story, I have an INSPIRON 1564 with unknown battery and ac adapter errors which can't charge the battery but just run on ac power. Lappy had one of the older bios revisions on it and i couldn't manage to flash the BIOS with known methods posted by DELL or others posted in the internet.

1- Obviously, official dell windows flasher. Doesnt flash.
2- Official windows flasher with "forceit" paramater through cmd, no dice.
3- Hold down "END" while powering on laptop with a FAT formatted usb flash drive with the bios rom file in it, no luck.
4- CTRL + ESC keys combo at the boot, no luck.
5- F12 boot menu, bios flashing option is absent, no luck again.

I just wanted to flash the bios, no matter what. Lol. What i post below might brick your laptop with unrepairable  damage, i can not be held responsible for anything, so take the risk like i did. 

1- Download the latest version of phlash16.exe dos based phoenix flash tool from wimsbios.
2- Create freedos usb with rufus.
3- Download dell winphlash tool for your laptop.
4- Press Windows + X keys and click RUN, type %temp%
5- locate the BIOS1.WPH file and copy it your usb flash drive.
6- Copy phlash16.exe to your usb flash drive.
7- Boot to freedos and type " phlash16.exe BIOS.WPH "
8- Dont disconnect ac adapter or interrupt the process.
9- Phlash16.exe doesn't give a flying f... about the battery or ac adapter and will flash the bios with success.

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Re: How to flash bios with unidentified battery and AC Adapt

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