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How to set up Inspiron 5570 to record audio

Hi. I am trying to record audio on my new Inspiron 5570. I intend to use software such as Audacity or similar and analog audio sources such as CD player. I am used to using a line-in jack on a desktop so not sure how to do this on this laptop without such a jack. It has HDMI, but manual says it is only output - not sure if that is true but OK. It has a combo headphone/ headset with mic jack but not sure this would work with a 1/8" stereo cable. Does anyone know how to setup this laptop to record audio or how that may be done? Will I need additional drivers for the Realtek controller with Waves MaxxAudio Pro? Of course there are USB ports as well, but ddon't of anything that could use that.


thanks for an\y help or direction, even if it to know that it can't be done.

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