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Hello Dell Community, 

I am tired of this issue with my Dell Inspiron 15 7591 (i7-9750H, 16Gb DDR4, 512GB Nvme ssd, Gtx 1050 3Gb model). For the past 4 months or so, soon after purchase I noticed that the Laptop heats up a lot and going to dangerous levels of temperature to be used on lap. I decided to buy a cooling pad and that didn't help much as without any programs loaded my cpu would reach temperatures at startup itself. I deleted a few default apps, disabled few startup apps but still had issues. I contacted Dell Support and they tested, and on pre boot Diagnostics performance check, we were getting CPU thermistor values of 99°C (High) and 91°C (Low).

They sent a Technician but that's when things started getting worse. He while trying to open the back panel broke it's back panel as he was a trainee and didn't realise the 3 screws stay intact and do not come out completely. I let him change the fans as one of the fans had sometimes stopped working. 

So then another technician was sent who applied thermal paste, run a few tests and ordered the back panel for me. And also said that may be motherboard needs replacement..

On next visit another technician comes, changes motherboard, fans, heat sinks and back panel. But no gain.

As of now the high temperature are still reaching 99°C and one can clearly feel the hot body of laptop below the screen. I am worried that such temperatures will soon kill this poor laptop completely. Also I noticed my keyboards keys sometimes don't work. Example Control button, G, H alphabets etc randomly don't work and get back life later.

What should I do. Worst part is its been 4-months or so and they are testing my patience. On top Dell representatives from escalation team even went ahead to ask me what do I expect from them. Not in a rude way but clearly implying something. I told fix my laptop. Thats all. Or talk to someone technical pls. But guys any of you facing this? Any luck in finding a solution? Please help fellas. 

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Hi Tech Intern, the laptop I mentioned comes with 130 Watt charger.


I know this might be 2 years too late, but if you still have the laptop, try the cheapest option us out of support people have. Upgrading to the maximum allowed charger. Had the same issue, had a low wattage charger from dell, 90w, and the laptop could take a 130w. No more issues after the purchase, help with cooling and stabilizing the laptop. I think the reason being that the lower wattage charger was not enough to keep up with the Amps the laptop was asking for. That and driver and bios updates, ofc.

I had fought a lot. Spoke to their management teams. Highest L1 or whatever  level they named it now for the highest possible escalation level in India.

It was unfortunate that the replacement 7591 I received was even more funny because it had issues with alignment and also had issues from day 1. Same issues. I gave up because I lost faith when Dell just blames it on Intel and says 100 is a normal temperature and live with it.

What do i argue with that. I asked for refund but they did not give any as they had very smart wasted my time it would had been possible if I had just asked refund initially as they kept assuring it will work.

I and my family were tired of frequent visits and each visit causing a new issue.

Worst being paying 3 years premium plus and accidental damage proof and being treated like this. 

Hi Aby,

Sad to hear you gave up. I have this problem also. I am in the middle of frustrating support call with Dell. So far they have replace the heatsink which did not solve the problem. They are due to replace the mainboard and fans. I will update here to let everyone know the results.

I honestly think Dell have a bad design on the Inspiron 7501 Series. I also think I have been sold a bad/dud laptop.


All drivers have been updated using Dell Support Assist. The top temperature is 66, see I think stopping turbo boost helped some as I can touch the exhaust vents above the keyboard now.




I have replied to you from a private message.



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TAG <Service Tag removed>. 15 7501 replying to Dhiman: 

Bios 1.6.1 Loaded in Dell factory May 8, 2021. ED 1.0.9.

Turned off turbo boost in BIOS. The link to turning of turbo boost in Windows 10 no longer applies since the Processor settings have been removed from Advanced Power Settings.

Ran full BIOS diags: all passed with validation code 124247.

Over to you.

Service tag <Service Tag removed> was requested in a private no-reply email from the Dell Community so I guess this where to enter it.

Help. My  brand-new 15  7501 runs very hot. How do you undervolt easily. I could get a program like ThrottleStop.

Honestly there is nothing left to do. I gave up. I use it not maxed out and letting it heat. I don't max out on performance now. I learned to give up with dell. Been a loyal dell fan for 10 + years with 8-10 laptops and now I see how they have changed and become a weird company who can't solve the complex queries. They just blamed it on intel chipset and left it. 

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