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Insíron 13 7375 cant boot, Error mesage "No bootable device found"

Hi, i have a Dell Inspiron 13 7375 2-in1. with 256 SSD, AMD Ryzen 5 and Radeon Vegas 8

I currently have a very particular problem which i couldnt find similar solutions.

I was tryng to make a bootable USB Hard Drive, however when i thought i was done and changed BIOS to boot from USB i got the "No bootable Device found", i try looking for solution on the forums and the web but i couldnt find anything that could help me cause i had system bios 1.5.0 and everybody had a older version, so my interface was very very differnt. However i could start my pc by holding F12 and manually selecting my SSD. (i pretty much tryed anything)

The problem came when i try to downgrade BIOS version to 1.1.0 to have the same interface and solve the problem just how the forums say, however those changes meant a computer restart. When i restart the computer the "No bootbale devide found" message appers, when i try to manually boot to my SSD i couldnt cause now the F2, F12 or even Delete doesnt work, i keep presing them but the system does not do anything, just automatically gets to the SuppotAssist "No bootable device found".

I cant do anything, is like a limbo. Like if a didnt have any BIOS.

Please help. 

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