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Inspirion 15 7000 - SA, remove from pre-boot

So for some reason my supportAssist BIOS thinks it's hilarious to beep shrilly at 3am when windows updates restart the system! which is! awful! it's the worst!

This is due to a processor fan malfunction which like... I can't do anything about as it's hardware based. My BIOS are up to date and the vent isn't clogged or anything. 

I just want to get a good nights sleep without supportAssist doing. that thing.

so I disabled it by setting the number of failures to off and unchecking the other option in BIOS except





every time

my computer restarts

is there some way that I can seriously REMOVE supportAssist from my preboot? I already uninstalled the app...

Please I just want to sleep


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Re: Inspirion 15 7000 - SA, remove from pre-boot


I understand you do not want to be disturbed while you sleep but i'm afraid you cannot remove ePSA from a Dell laptop that software is meant to alert you there is a problem allthough Dell could provide an option to make the beeping not so loud i agree.

The only option you have is to remove supportassist but i don't think that will stop the beeps.

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Re: Inspirion 15 7000 - SA, remove from pre-boot

The fans should be replaceable ... Is the problem allowing the Processor to overheat, which might shorten the life of the unit?

Have you changed Windows Update so it isn't allowed until you are awake?

I suppose you could disconnect the network or check for updates before you go to bed.

Shutting it down or put it in hibernation might be another choice.

There is also a system maintenance which has a set time which can be altered and has a check box for allowing it to wake your system.  Type automatic maintenance in the search box.



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