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Inspirion 15 P70F laptop battery dead - where to get replacement?

Our P70F Dell laptops battery is giving a message saying "It can no longer provide power to the laptop and needs replacing" or something similar. It also only lasts about 10 minutes unplugged.


Where can I get a replacement battery and how hard is it to fit? Is this something that can be done under warranty (the laptop was bought from PC World in November 2018, so doubt theres any warranty left?)

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Part (there are both 3 and 4 cell batteries available -- the restriction:  if you have a 2.5" drive installed, only the 3-cell will fit).

Service manual

If you're outside the US, use the part number for the battery to search locally.

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Thanks for the reply. I am outside of the US, could you advise how to get the part number for the battery please?



I have an inspiron 7570 try 451-BCBS as part number for the battery 42Whr 3 cell battery.


Both part numbers are listed on the parts-people website.


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