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Inspirion 3593 makes me Dell Shy

Looking for a new laptop, as I just cannot deal the horrible performance, battery issues, <Profanity removed.TOS73> keyboard layout and function, speakers going in and out like a anxious tom cat, and now, failing power jack of my Dell Inspirion. I use a company supplied Len..TP for 8-12 hours a day in my home office, and it makes my Dell seem like a refurbished infant's toy. I only use it to stream live TV, post on FB and answer email. It has been an agonizing relationship, and I am going to gleefully smash it to pieces once I decide on a new lap top. I swore I would never buy another Dell product due to the 'quality' of this $750 calculator. Support was nice, they tried, but nothing ever improved. Slow as molasses and about 90 minutes of battery life. POS.

But all I am seeing is rave reviews for the XPS. If Dell can convince me that I was expecting too much out of my 3593, or that it unfortunately was just a big POS and they feel bad for not only me, but for everyone who bought one, I would feel a lot better about giving Dell another chance. But, fool me twice, shame on me.

Did I just buy a bad computer in the 3593; or should I just not risk it and buy a Len? I am surprised I am giving Dell this much of a chance, but the reviews for the XPS got me at least this far back. But I can't risk it yet.   

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After months of dealing with an incredibly slow laptop, DISK almost always maxed at 100% CPU in the 90% while having nothing but a single browser open. I disabled SysMain and all my problems went away. Like MAGIC! I have read post after post of people having the same problem and I found this suggestion buried at the bottom of a Reditt post that went unacknowledged. Disable SysMain!!!! Enjoy a functioning laptop!!!!!


I did think about it at the time. I just wanted something to read the news, visit FB, book tee-times, and stream TV when out in the back yard. The only processing I ask it to do is crunch sports stats in excel and run kinovea, a video annotation tool. I would understand if my issues were isolated to a program like that, but I thought as long as I didn't buy the cheapest LT out there that I could at least have a few browser tabs open. I did disable something last night, that I wish I would have known about a long time ago. I disabled  something called SysMain, and that seems to have made a big difference. My issues with the LT would come and go, and I haven't seemed to have any of those painful experiences since turning it off. 

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You need to consider exactly what it is that's most important.  Systems like the 3593 sell to the price is paramount market.  It's a cheap, entry-level notebook with features to match its price.

Better industrial design and materials will get your an XPS - for 3-4 times the price.

If you need a business machine, Thinkpads are an option -- so are Latitudes.  For 2-3 or more times the price of the Inspiron you're complaining over.

You don't get a 3-series BMW for the price of a Hyundai Accent.



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