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Inspirion 7586

Does anyone know where to get a battery for the 7586 2n1 it seems overly difficult I can find a cheapo on AMZN but nothing here Thanks
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Thanks but my computer has the 42 smaller batt because of the extre drive?


Welcome to the Dell Community @Mikejguitars 

The PartsPeople are out of stock at the moment.

But they are available on eBay. [Dell part number 33YDH]

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I just need a battery for my 7586 2n1 where can i get one?


Thank you.

It seems to be the LT's interpretation of the adapter - battery info. Sometimes the taskbar battery icon states 1 thing [eg. 90%] while battery settings show different percentage [100%]. I wonder if it's the PSU? It does shut off - watch movies / news during night and recently has  shut off. It's also running quite warm. 


Thank you! We have received the required details. We will work towards a resolution. In the meantime, you may also receive assistance or suggestions from the community members.

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