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Inspiron 11 3157 - motherboard damaged?

Hello all,

I'm new user on this forum. Two weeks ago, my laptop has fallen to the floor from a height 0.5m, after switching on system showed HDD error. I bought new SSD drive (Crucial MX500 500GB) and then I started Windows 10 installation using USB recovery drive (created using OS Recovery Tool). The first impression was that installation process was very slow, after few hours finally system was ready, unfortunately laptop is working very, very slowly, I checked SSD performance and it's very bad. I also checked few different options (e.g. GPT/MBR partition type, partition created/not created) without success.

I came up with an idea to boot Linux from USB drive and then check SSD drive, unfortunately I'm not able to do this, laptop freezes during Linux startup. So, I checked SSD drive in another laptop, works perfectly, performance is very good.

Is it possible that the motherboard has been damaged?

Any other ideas?


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Re: Inspiron 11 3157 - motherboard damaged?

Possibly the MB was damaged but if the system boots and runs, albeit slowly, then the MB might be fine. Restart the system and at the Dell splash screen start tapping F12. Run full diagnostics and look for any errors. Check your RAM as well and make sure they are seated properly. I would be removing the RAM and reinserting just in case. A few hours to install Windows 10 means something is very wrong. It should not take more than about 20 minutes or so at most. Check the motherboard visually and any cables looking for damage.

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