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Inspiron 13-7359, Poor hinge design

I bought a laptop for my kid to be used in college. After 2 years. The hinge part started to open up. Upon examination, the screw locations on the laptop body (where the hinge is located) already gave away. I am surprised by the super thin plastic that holds the nut. The mechanical hinge will still probably last ten years or 20 years but the plastic part that holds the nut is so thin (less than 1 mm maybe not even 0.5 mm). I'm surprised it even lasted 2 yrs. also, the nut that is pressed inside the plastic slot is too thin. If they had made this longer, it might lasted a bit longer too. I just can't believe that they cannot even spare some thickness to these parts which will not cost them even a few bucks. Sad to say that this is the trend in US branded products that is why its slowly being overtaken by foreign brands. How sad to see top brands become unpopular just because managers/engineers they try to save a few bucks. Will buy Asian Brands for my next 2 kids.

2019-07-13_8-41-43.jpgHInge Location Opens Up2019-07-13_8-40-35.jpgBottom View2019-07-13_8-38-29.jpgHinge PartIMG_4032.JPGRemedy 

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