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Inspiron 13 7370 - Screen won't turn on

Hello, I have an Inspiron 13 7370 with a problem. Sometimes, the screen won't turn on with the rest of the laptop. If I hard reboot the laptop one or more times, it all boots normally. But for the most part it just seems like the laptop will turn on, but not boot anything. When it has this problem, it doesn't load BIOS or the operating system, but it seems like the hardware turns on. Now it doesn't boot normally at all. It just sits there every time it gets rebooted. (I've already tried plugging it in to an external display. Doesn't work.)

When it booted up normally, I went into the BIOS to change some settings to see if that would fix it. It actually did fix it and allowed the computer to boot normally. I tested it 10 times, shutting it down using the "shut down" option in the start menu. Then booting it back up from pressing the power button. When I tested if I could finally shut it down using the power button, it went back to how it was before. When I booted it back up, the screen didn't turn on but the computer did. I restarted it once or twice before it booted normally.

When the laptop booted up normally, I ran the built-in diagnostics from One Time Boot Menu. It said that all of the hardware passed both the basic test and the thorough test. The only component that had a problem was the primary battery. It only said that the primary battery was reaching the end of it's usable life. I decided to run a test to see if it was the battery causing problems. Another reason why I wanted to do this test was because sometimes the laptop wouldn't boot normally if it was plugged in. I shutdown the laptop, removed the battery and any remaining charge, plugged in the charger, and turned it on. The laptop turned on but did not boot. So I put the battery back in the laptop.

This lead up to my current problem. The laptop will no longer boot normally at all. I press the power button, all the keyboard lights come on, and the fan spins. But the screen stays off. It does that every time. I'm lost on what to do now.



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