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Inspiron 13 7375 2 in 1, Ryzen5 2500u vega 8 - ISSUES

I´ve found out that my Inspiron 13 7375 2 in 1, Ryzen5 2500u vega 8 laptop have hard time to perform stable while browsing youtube and has the same issue when vidochatting on skype. 

Watching a youtube video often results in screenflickering and sometimes the screen turns black. This laptop is less than a year old not even 6 months and ive had this feeling that it is really unstable and fragile right from the start. 

I have accepted that it wont perform as i ideally would want it to but when you cant even watch a youtube video without screen flickers in green and pixles i supect something is wrong. 

Dell support has tried everything... 

i dont know how many times ive runned support assist and it tells me everything is fine.
Updating all drivers and even windows 10 and the laptop still has this issues. I Suspect that the vega 8 integrated graphic card with the processor is broken perhaps with shipment or something because the specs are decent enough to be able to play a youtube video.


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Re: Inspiron 13 7375 2 in 1, Ryzen5 2500u vega 8 - ISSUES

Have you run diagnostics out of F12 yet? I have the 5575 and that has the Vega 8 GPU which works flawlessly. Just curious, how much RAM do you have installed in the system?

Restart the system and at the Dell splash screen start tapping F12. Run full diagnostics paying attention to the GPU results.

Also I found that the most current Dell drivers for the Vega 8 are unstable for me. I was getting blue screens and the GPU was borderline unstable. Try the following site and click on last updated tab. Install the latest driver from Microsoft. I found those were pretty stable.Just make sure you download the Vega 8 Mobile drivers. The driver version is 24.20.12028.4004 dated 11/2/2018. Keep in mind that AMD has stated that they will only update drivers for that GPU every quarter. They suggest the system manufacturer as the source for newest drivers. But the MS Catalogue drivers as a source seem far more stable.

Also I have found that the Microsoft Update Catalogue site is a great source of almost any driver you could imagine.



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