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Inspiron 13 7391 audio and video stutter

I've recently bought an Inspiron 13 7391 (2 months ago).

Everything was running smoothly until now. I've been experiencing frequent video and audio stuttering (every several seconds).

I'm not sure what could have caused this. I ran the hardware diagnostic tool, and everything seems alright. Also reinstalled Windows 10 and performed a factory reset, to no avail. Reinstalled audio drivers, using the ones supplied at Dell's website.

Really bummed out. Was really happy with this laptop, but this issue has significantly affected my experience.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Could it be an issue with the hardware?

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Re: Inspiron 13 7391 audio and video stutter

Hello @casadogg 

I have the same issue but Dell can't do nothing because the computer is designed like this. 

As Dell Support mentioned to me after a lot of messages : "Please keep in mind the speakers are small and located in a small enclosure. We were able to hear the distortion by using headphones and once you raised the gain of the playback, the symptom reported is completely normal and quite expected. "

Finally, Dell recommends using a headset to hear clear sound.

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