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Inspiron 14 not working without power plugged in

I purchased a laptop a week ago, it was not working without power plugged in, so i reached out to the technical team and after a lot of repeated calls no resolution was given and they were not able to detect the problem,

Then my case is with the wur team, its been more than a week since i heard from them. they emailed asking pickup and delivery details for the laptop, i emailed them the information a week ago and there was no action after that and today they emailed me the same email asking for pick-up details.

there process is messed up, they are not seeing that i have already emailed them and they are asking the same thing and when i call customer support , they say its not in their hands, the wur team will respond via email only. after so many days email came and they send the same email asking for pick up detail. but nothing is arranged.

one of the customer support said they are going to manufacture a new product for you that is y its delayed. someone is saying higher management will process this and they can only be reached via email. every one is misleading ,i will foolish to contact them again and again.

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Order is within 30 days 
ask for refund



Can you help me with the process as customer support here is not responding,  they are asking me to wait only without any resolution. 

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Please check status of the AC adapter and battery health by follow steps below.

1. Power off system. Remove all peripherals (except AC adapter).

2. Power on system, quickly start tapping the F2 key continuously.

In the BIOS, AC adapter should be listed under the main tab or battery information. The adapter should say it type, if it says None or Unknown then it's an issue with the adapter, and most likely needs to be replace with a new genuine Dell adapter. Note: Please wiggle the adapter's end while checking it in the BIOS

The battery health should be listed under the Advanced tab or battery information. The battery health should say Your Battery Is Performing Normally or Excellent, any other message mean most likely the battery is faulty. 


I am assuming you are in India. First of all check the warranty type. Go to and enter the service tag, Based on the warranty please dial one of the numbers below and ask for a Supervisor. If the order is within 30 days they can not deny refund. 

Basic Hardware, Personal Computers (Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets, Workstations, Networking, Servers, Storage, Wyse, Others)
Premium Support, Premium Support Plus
Fee Based Out of Warranty Hardware Support
7am – 12am CST Monday to Friday
Home Users - Fee Based Software Support
7am - 12am CST Monday - Friday
Client ProSupport (Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets, Workstations, Others)
Available 24/7
ProSupport Plus (Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets, Workstations, Others)
Available 24/7

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