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Inspiron 15 3000 Series, Optical Drive Upgrade to a Blu-Ray Burner, is a Panasonic UJ272 ?


    I have a fairly new Inspiron 15 Series 3000 (7th Gen i5, 8GB ram, Win 10) and am wanting to upgrade the Optical drive to a Blu-Ray model (preferably a BD Burner), for three reasons; 1. To take advantage of the Blu-Ray Format, since most of my media that I own is in it.  2. To take advantage of the format capacity.  3. To be quite frank, at least One Quarter - One Third of the time that I'm ripping a disc in iTunes the drive will "Buzz" so strongly that I have to "press & hold my finger/hand against the drive to muffle the vibrations that it's causing.  Upon looking on Newegg one of the closest matches that I could find listed, was for a Panasonic UJ272 for a Inspiron 15 5000 Series.. I'm making an assumption that the 5000 is the same case size as my 3000 model, or perhaps I'm mistaken??  I know that there's also a model Panasonic UJ262, and who knows what others, which would be the correct model for my Inspiron?  Getting past the correct "size" drive, has anyone done this type of upgrade for their system, and is there any issue with HDCP, or anything of that sort that has to be worked out.  I would assume by now that this is over and done with (as far as the number of years this type of thing on recent computers goes, but again, I don't know??)

   Any help/input would be truly appreciated!  Thank you so much and God Bless!



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Re: Inspiron 15 3000 Series, Optical Drive Upgrade to a Blu-

Given the heat that BD drives produce -- particularly when writing -- you'd be better off with an external USB 3 drive. 

Since Windows 10 does not have native decoding for BD, make sure whatever drive you do buy comes with a software suite that does -- and even for drives that include software, depending on what you need from the drive, you may find you have to upgrade to a full license of PowerDVD, since the bundled versions are often short on features.


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