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Inspiron 15 3558, HDD not found

I have this laptop(Inspiron 15 3558) that doesn't boot up from the internal HDD. Every time I turn it on it just says there is no bootable device or HDD found. Want to test if it's an issue with the actual HDD or the cable that connects it to the motherboard.

I have an extra hdd lying around from my old laptop, which was an Inspiron 15 7000 series laptop. It hasn't been formatted and has all the info from the 7000 still in it including the windows 10 OS. I was wondering if any of this would be a problem if I were to use it as a replacement for the 3558's hard drive.

I know these models run on different hardware which is why I'm concerned if it would be an issue to use this extra hdd as is or if it's going to have to be formatted and have the OS installed on it again from scratch.

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