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Inspiron 15 3567 stuck at Boot Screen

I have a Dell Inspiron 15 3567. For the past few days my laptop has been unable to boot past the Dell logo screen with the loading circle. I have attempted to resolve the issue to no avail. I was hoping someone here could help me resolve this.

The first thing I did was powered up my PC 3 times and ran windows diagnostics. When I did this it came up with no problems detected. Next I ran ePSA Dell diagnostics and it detected an error in that the battery could no longer provide sufficient power and this was interrupting the boot process. This made sense because in recent months my battery was dying more and more quickly. (I do find to be a bit strange that this would impede the boot up process though as my previous laptop was still perfectly useable for years after the battery lost the ability to hold a charge.) Anyway I purchased and installed a new battery from Microcenter. The battery brand is Inland. The new battery was detected by laptop and charged quickly with no issues.

I thought this would have resolved the boot issue however my laptop still gets stuck at the Dell logo screen with the loading circle upon powering up. Now upon powering up my PC 3 times Dell support assist appears. Windows automatic repair does not appear.

Now Dell ePSA diagnostics does not detect any problems with my computer. I also decided to drain the power from the laptop by removing the AC power and battery and holding the power button for about 30 seconds then replacing the battery and AC power. Additionally I accessed the BIOS and reset it to its default settings. I also made sure my date and time settings in the BIOS were correct as I heard that this can interfere with the computer booting properly. However my laptop still is stuck at the dell logo screen with the loading circle.

I was thinking if I should update the BIOS or switch the BIOS from UEFI to Legacy however I am apprehensive to do that as I am not sure if that will result in data loss or damage to my computer without properly preparing beforehand.

If anyone has any advice, knowledge or solutions regarding this it would be greatly appreciated.

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I suspect windows is corrupt therefore, I suggest reinstalling windows. You can create a window 10 or 11 installation media from the Microsoft website. You'll need a blank USB flash drive with at least 8GB of space and a working computer to do this step.

Download Windows 10 (

Download Windows 11 (

Also, you might be able to save your data by using Startup Repair option in Advance Startup Options in the windows 10 or 11 installation media.

Booting to the Advanced Startup Options Menu in Windows 11, and Windows 10 | Dell US



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