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Inspiron 15-5552 - Error on Driver Intel Trusted Engine Interface and booting issues

Laptop Brand:DELL

Model: 15-5552

Description Issue:

The original Issue is when i turn on the laptop gave a 7 Beeps error codes, this mean a cache error in processor have a issue, bad processor according to dell.com

After replace processor SR29E Pentium N3700 (BGA), the Intel Trusted Execution Engine Interface have a error (10) yellow bang i update and downgrade all the bios version's and still the same also install all driver version of intel trusted and same error

Some times when i turn off the laptop and try to turn on again gave a no post, turn on the laptop but only the fan works no gives a video or no post i need to turn off again and remove the battery and some times remove the rtc batt and reinstall and turn on and the laptops wokrs fine but have the same issue again

Example: if i replace 10 BGA on 10 motherboards around 6 have the intel trusted issue on device manager and the booting issues

The issue only happends when i replace the BGA processor SR29E

 If there some troubleshoot for this issue let me know: firmware, activate manufacture mode on, etc.

Dont know how to start

If there any have a solution let me know

 Thank you for your support

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