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Inspiron 15 5570 WIFI VERY SLOW - Frustrating

I've been seeing this in quite a lot of threads on the internet, there is an issue with the wifi module (intel dual band wireless-AC 3165) that DELL is using in its new line of laptops.

I have Comcast's 250mbps internet connection at home. I have several other devices (phones, tablets, chromebook) that get at least 40-50mbps with wireless connection (checked using app) but the new DELL laptop 5570 that I bought in January 2018 from DELL's website is only getting 1-2mbps download and 3-4mbps upload speed. Can someone explain whats going on and help troubleshoot this problem. I've reset the modem, checked it's firmware and updated the DELL system with all new updates. Wifi module driver is also up to date. 

I'm using DLink DIR 850L router. I hope I provided enough info. Please help.

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I received four days ago a Dell Inspiron 13 5000 - 5378

All great !!

Except that comparing with another PC placed beside, Wifi connection was very much slower.

Made upgrades from Dell's page; nothing.

Then removed SmartByte as said.

Works, now speed is correct, similar Wifi speed as in the other PC.

Solved !!

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Uninstalling smart byte worked, are people from DELL taking this seriously?


Thanks. I just went from 40MBs to 300MBs!!!


This worked great for me!   I found the instructions somewhere else.  WIN +R, then type in "services.msc", find Smartbyte Network Service and turn it off.  I even "disabled" mine since it was on automatic.

Thanks so much for helping out with this!!  What a lifesaver!  My internet provider was getting tired of hearing from me.


can we receive a confirmation from dell … why you continu to install this to a dell laptop


i have a ton of laptop to support and when people call for slow wifi … i always remove smartbytes and all dell related software because … its reinstalling smartbyte  sometime from dell update i think ...



its a piece of **bleep** this smartbyte




Unfortunately, I spent hours solving and fixing this independently on a new Inspiron desktop. - went from 5Mbps to 175Mbps. Why on earth is Dell installing this????


Thanks!  I just uninstalled SmartByte and internet speeds went from 20MBPS to 107MBPS!!!! :)



Thanks, I was having the same issue. Downloads were painfully slow and I could only get 10 Mbps on the download speed tests.


Turning off SmartByte immediately solved the problem. Does Dell not test these things before installing them?


Wow!! I have a Dell INSPIRON 7559 and have been spending weeks trying to figure out why I have slow internet on just one device (Dell Inspiron 7559). Ran prior to uninstalling program called “SmartByte Drivers and Services” and noted download speed of 26 Mbps; after uninstalling SmartByte (and without even a reboot) WiFi download speed jumped to 235 Mbps!

I was getting 80-100mb readings on a 200mb network, now I'm getting 180-200.


This works on the new G7 7588 too, so, thanks!

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