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Inspiron 15-5570, keyboard backlight glitchy

So I bought this Inspiron about 2 months ago and the F10 (Backlit Keyboard Button) was working fine up until this last week or so. Now when I click the button, nothing happens, but the backlight will sometimes just randomly turn on (even though it is off for majority of the time). I've looked into past posts on this forum and everyone seems to be having different problems than I. I have gone into keyboard properties, Keyboard Event viewer, mobility center, Fnn + F10, every other possible key combination, and yet I still have no control over the backlight. There isn't even an option for the backlight setting in any of the system settings or control panel stuff. It's as if this computer doesn't even know it has a backlight. Anyways, it used to work fine, but now I have no control over the light. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Backlight Keyboard Super Glitchy - Inspiron 15 5570


Click the link below to download the Dell Feature Enhancement Pack (DFEP 2.2) utility.

How to resolve LED issues with your Backlit Keyboard using the latest Dell Utility

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